Oh hi there, I’m Lottie. 

I’m drawn to the inner landscapes that people often fear passing through. Death, grief, menstruation and menopause are some of my favourite terrains to explore.

I’m a facilitator, educator, activist, writer and mentor with a background in mental health work and resilience building. I’m also a ceremonialist, with a special interest in funerals. 

I get excited when I’m able to support individuals and groups to navigate adversity, change, endings and transitions. You will often find me doing this by gently coaxing people to explore what the natural cycles of the earth and our bodies can teach us about these challenges. 

We are living through wild and urgent times which call for our commitment to change on both a personal and collective level. I love to facilitate spaces where we can bring curiosity to these issues, challenge unquestioned systems, pose tricky questions and unravel from harmful norms and narratives.

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